Our Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy we believe is unique and very transparent, with menu prices for all regular maintenance works for example boiler and tap replacements which can be found in our menu pricing section any other work that is more time consuming will be priced on a fixed price basis or a hourly basis of just 15-00€ per hour with a minimum charge of 25-00€ for the first hour or part of the first hour after the first hour being charged at 15-00€ per hour



1 hour = 25-00€

Over 1 hour up to 2 hours = 40-00€

2 hours up to 3 hours = 55-00€

3 hours up to 4 hours = 70-00€

4 hours up to 5 hours = 85-00€

5 hours up to 6 hours = 100-00€

6 hours up to 7 hours = 115-00€

7 hours up to 8 hours = 130=00€


Most work would be done on a fixed price agreed with the client before the start of work, however for some work it is just not possible to put a price on it because of the unknown scope of the work involved, for example detecting and finding a leaking pipe

U-Buy or We Supply

We believe this is a unique policy and underlines our commitment to customer satisfaction and value for money service.

For any work (with the exception of menu price list items ) we will provide you with a shopping list of items required to carry out the work, the client can the either buy the items themselves, we will go with the client to source and help with the purchase so that you can benefit from our years of experience, or we will source and purchase the items at cost price with no mark-up to the client guaranteed if we buy items we will provide you with all the receipts or invoices for goods purchased


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