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Leaking Toilet?

Don’t let money pour down the pan! Even a small drip or dribble costs money!

Replacement internal flush mechanisms supplied and fitted, either fill and flush mechanisms or just flush or just fill,

supplied and fitted including flexible hose and isolating valve.

Full Cistern overhaul

From only 69-00€




Electric water heaters

80 lts capacity with a full 3 year manufactures guarantee, supplied and fitted with new

flexible’s. From only 159-00€





Tired of bumping the shower valve and getting frozen by cold water or scalded by hot water?

Thermostatic shower valves ( prevents children being scalded with hot water ) and head riser rail kits supplied

and installed.

Thermostatic valve and head riser kit

supplied and fitted from 95-00€

Reverse Osmosis water systems fitted

( gives you bottled quality drinking water on tap ) no more hauling bottles

of water back from the supermarket or calcium ruined kettles or irons.

Supplied and fitted from 177-00€



Bathroom or Kitchen taps replaced

From 49-00€ for one with discounts for 2 or more



Lights fitted

From 25-00€ for 1 light or 2 or more lights 15-00€ per fitting



Replacement switches and sockets

From 25-00€* per unit 2 or more units 15-00€* per unit supplied and fitted

*price will vary on make and model fitted



Air-conditioning occupancy sensors with replacement smart remote controllers

Stop guests leaving your

air-con running all day while they are on the beach. Saves up to 75% on running costs. Now also with optional

door and window sensors

Supplied and fitted from

149-00€ with discounts for multiple installations in the same home.

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